Modest Moms Wrestling: Andrea Rosu vs Laney Dawson

So far I’ve talked a lot about MMW on my blog, and it’s for a good reason.  They are one of the best in the business.  This video is a prime example of why.  

Andrea is one of the best fighters in the business today, and Laney is one of MMW’s best local models.  Both women showed up for a fight, and neither was willing to lose.  

During this fight you get one hell of a good back and forth match.  Both ladies land some massive combos.  Neither woman was letting up.  You get moments where it looks like one of the fighters is finally going to get control, but her opponent is able to turn the tide. 

They start of with mouth guards, but those fall out early on.  Not only are they hitting massive combos, but the verbal battle is just as good.  Both trash talking majority of the fight.  When one of the ladies is finally able to get full control we get one of the best looking knockouts I’ve seen in a long time.  

So if you are a fan of a good back and forth boxing match.  I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of this match.  Videos from MMW are priced very low for the high quality of their work.