I was given the chance to watch the training session for Valor vs Chandiebee. The one thing I learn from this video is that we are in for a real treat on July 26th.

The girls meet up to help Chandiebee train for her debut catfight. Valor has a number of fights under belt. This training was used to help Chandiebee learn the ropes and basics of a catfight. This was meant as training, but you can see right away both fighters are very competitive.

If this training video is any indication of what will happen July 26th than the catfight community is in for a real treat. These two tore into each other during this sparring match. You can tell they did hold back a little bit, but not much. The hair pulling was intense, and the slaps and kicks really did some damage.

Valor was very much in control the whole time they spared, but Chandie never once backed down. Chandie would do her best to try to gain control, and she had a few moments where she had Valor trapped.

You could tell Valor was enjoying every minute of this match. As was Chandie, and you could see her confidence in her abilities grow as she fought as hard as she could.

I was already excited for the full fight on July 26th, but after watching their sparring match I’m beyond excited. If the sparring match was this amazing than the real match will be off the charts. This has the makings of a fight that will be talked about all year.

If you have ever wanted to sponsor a real fight than this is the perfect time. This is a fight you don’t want to miss.

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