UK Dream Wrestlers

Princess Juicy vs Axa Jay aka Storm

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Right off the bat I will say this match was a combination of a British style mat wrestling with dirty catfight tactics . And I absolutely loved every minute of this match.

The first thing that caught my eye are the outfits. Both wrestlers look simply stunning in their one piece suits with the fishnets. One piece outfits are my kryptonite when it comes to female fighting attire. These outfits come into play often in this match.

The match starts off quick with both wrestlers trying to gain the upper hand early. Both ladies get whipped into the corners and the ropes often, and this is where the best action takes place. The ladies are laying in heavy punches to the gut, and delivering some very nasty looking low blows.

Once the match heads to the mats we are treated to pure mat wrestling with some great transition moves. Each wrestler is able to move smoothly into each hold. And these holds look painful. A few times Juicy’s ponytail is used against her as they both are hairpulling like crazy.

The match is pure back and forth action from start to finish. Each wrestler is able to score pin falls and submissions. It comes down to the wire, but one wrestler is finally able to gain full control and fully dominate her opponent. The final submission is truly breathtaking.

This is a match that any fan of female pro wrestling would enjoy, and even fans of catfights will love this match. Both wrestlers simply wanted this win, and where willing to do what ever it takes to win. So please follow the link at the top to purchase today, and make sure you checkout all the amazing videos they have to offer.