Hard Knockout Boxing


Hard Knockout Boxing is truly amazing at what they create. It isn’t easy to make a staged fight look this realistic. The credit goes to everyone involved.

A lot of the time scripted fights get called foxy boxing, but this is no wear near a foxy boxing match. Both fighter are well trained, and that help create the real fight feel.

As soon as the bell rings we are treated to something special. Watching this fight I get the feel that I’m watching two professionally trained fighters. The punches are coming fast and furious. We get all the big hits from jabs, uppercuts, and the best looks cross I’ve seen in a scripted fight.

The chirography is perfect in this match. Both fighters react like they are really being hit, and don’t over sell it. Plus the person running the camera has the perfect angle to help the punches look real.

This fight is none stop action from start to finish. The fans are treated to a true back and forth match. The fight can either way up until the big knockout finish.

This was the first video I have purchased from this company, and it won’t be my last. I can only imagine how good their whole collection is. They truly do take pride in the fights they create.

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