Mio’s Sleepy House

Roxie and Mio


I got the honor of booking the very first fight video from this brand new fetish studio. I meet the owner on Twitter, and was impressed right away with their custom service.

Now it did start out a little bumpy trying to book my custom. We ended up changing the models twice, but this was due to situations out their control. Each time a change was made the Boss contacted right away to let me know the situation, and gave me options. He was determined to film this video, and I was happy to see he as integrity.

They where finally able to shoot my custom, and the owner informed me they where able to film the fight in one take. This had me a little worried at first. I was a bit scared they rushed filming, and the fight would look sloppy. To my surprise I was wrong.

Roxie nails Mio with a right across the jaw.

This was their first time filming any kind of fight video, and to be honest they knocked it out of the park. Both models looked fantastic, and the action was fun. You can tell he took time with each girl on teaching them how to take a punch and how to punch. Plus the camera angle was near perfect, and this helped make the punches look good. My only complaint is very minor. I wish the girl would have help their fists up while fighting.

Mio is able to connect with a staggering punch sending Roxie backwards.

Creating a staged fist fight isn’t very easy. I took a risk using a brand new company that had never done anything like this. With a little bit more practice this will be a company to count on for producing high quality staged fights. Thank you to the whole team at Sleep Mio’s for creating this video.

You can find them on Twitter: @MiosSleepyHouse

Neither girls is willing to lose!!!