Italian Female Wrestling

It’s a rare treat to find high quality real female boxing in today’s industry. So many try to produce “real” boxing matches, but the fans know better. Thankfully companies like IFW don’t fake their fights. Unless you count their sister company Sexy Fight Dreams.

Andrea getting her gloves taped up.

I won’t go into any big details about this match. I don’t want to give anything away. This was simply one amazing boxing match between two very skilled fighters.

Luna getting her gloves taped up.

We are treated to a nearly 20 minute battle. Neither fighter held back, and both delivered some very nasty punches. A lot of the punches landed to the face and head. Neither fighter showed any fear in going for the head.

Luna has Andrea trapped on the ropes.

Both fighters showed amazing skills, but it was obvious early on who the better fighter was. Thankfully this doesn’t stop either from showing off their skills, and both have their moments to shine.

This fight doesn’t go the full distance, and you can see the fight is really taking it’s toll on both fighters. We are treated to a very rare site, and the winner scores a knockout. The fight ends with one of the most brutal punches I’ve seen in a female boxing match.

This is one of the best female boxing matches filmed in the last five years. Any fan of would be proud to own a copy of this match. Again it’s rare to find real female boxing this good. Follow the link at the top to purchase a copy, and checkout all their amazing videos they have to offer.