Fine Fetish Fantasies 

20 Minute Catfight
Most Submission Wins
    I’m not the biggest fan of catfights.  So please forgive me now.
    I will say this is hands down the best fight of 2020.  I wouldn’t even call this a catfight.  This was simply a fight between two very skilled women.
    Right off the bat the video starts out amazing.  We get a really good interview from both fighters, and both fighters are oozing with confidence in their ability.  Gia always has a big smile on her face, and I’m sure this drives her opponents crazy.  Sexy Wife is the exact opposite, and has a straight stone cold face.  You know she is ready to do what it takes to win this fight.

    Once on the mat it doesn’t take long for the action to kick in.  As soon as round one starts it is none stop action. The hits are coming fast, and we get some of the nastiest hair pulling I’ve even seen.  Both fighters are slapping so hard that bruises are showing up early into the fight, and by the end one fighter has some pretty nasty damage to one of her legs from the slaps.  Only body punches where allowed, and this was a good thing. Because if either woman was to connect to the face with their punches the fight would have been over a lot sooner.  Thankfully we get the full 20 minutes of pure action.

    This was a very well balanced fight, and it was back forth the whole match.  Both are very skilled fighters, and it shows.  We get some great moments from both women using strategy to gain advantage, and to score a submission.

    I can’t say this enough this is by far the best fight of 2020, and is well worth the price. Hell this is a fight that most non catfight fans would enjoy.  Simply if you enjoy seeing two hot women beat the hell out of each other than this is the perfect fight to add to your collection.
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