Fetishlands Fight Night
Hannah Perez vs Anabelle Pync

    I bought this video a few months ago, and totally forgot about it.  Going through my collection tonight I came across it.  I wish I would have watched this sooner.  This was a fantastic scripted boxing match.
   We are treated with a well made boxing match.  The punches look great and both models reacted nearly perfect to being hit.  I was worried with the camera being stationary, but everyone involved knew what they where doing.  They where able to get the camera angle just right making the punches look believable.
    Both models shined in this match.  Each getting their moments, and taking control during the rounds.  Most of the fight itself is a pure back and forth match.  Which is the way I enjoy them most.  The final round we get a complete beatdown with the winner trash talking her knocked out opponent. 
    This was my first time seeing Hannah in action, and will not be my last.  I will defiantly being checkout more of Fetishlands boxing videos. This is a company that takes pride in their videos, and it shows.  Fans of fantasy female boxing are the real winners with this video.
    Please follow the link at the top of the post to purchase the video, and to check out all the other amazing videos they offer.