HTM Wrestling
    This match really had the big fight feel to it.  That helps with having two of the biggest names in the industry in the ring together.  These two work extremely well together, and where able to create one of the best boxing matches to date from HTM.
    The match starts up right after a MMA match between the two.  Megan seems a bit winded from the ass kicking she just took, and Ariel has the cocky look on her face thinking this next match will be easy.  After quick warm up the ladies meet in the center and touch gloves.
    After a hard fought MMA fight you would think both fighters would be tired, but that wasn’t the case.  Both came out of the gate swinging for the fences.  Ariel is smaller than Megan, and uses her speed to her advantage.  Megan has the reach and power advantage in this bout, and uses it well to keep Ariel on the defense. 
    Megan is able to score the first knockdown of the fight.  Ariel is stunned, but is quickly able to score a knockdown of her own.  Both fighters are tired from their previous fight, but both are determined to win.  The fight goes back and forth with both fighters doing their best to gain the advantage.  
    In the final round one of the fighters takes full control, and we get a complete one sided beatdown to end the match.  The losing fighter is face down with their ass in the air.
    Both women did an amazing job creating this match.  They are both well respected in the industry, and this match is a key example of their talent.  This is boxing match that every fan should pick up.  No matter who you like you will be happy with outcome.  Just make sure you watch until the very end.
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