I won’t be reviewing a video in this post, but giving my thoughts on a company.  Now this is only my opinion, and shouldn’t influence you not to purchase.
Jordana’s Dueling Dames
    About a year ago I came across this store while searching Clips4sale.  I always enjoyed finding new videos of scripted bare knuckle fights.  The women in the video looked amazing in their jeans, and I was excited to download my first video from this company.    With in the first few minutes of the video I could already tell this was going to be a cluster fuck of a fight.
   The girls are fighting due to an old family feud over a piece of land.  We start off with a short intro girls trash talking which was the highlight of the video.  Once they started to throw punches it went downhill fast.  
    The camera stayed in place the whole fight, and was setup parallel to the girls.  Fans know these fights are fake, but it’s still nice to try to make the hits look real.  The way the camera was setup you could see the punches miss by a couple of miles, and both girls reacted slow to the hits.  A few times a girl would get hit, and fail to react until well after the punch was thrown.
    I did return to the store a few weeks later, and seen they had a few more fist fights.  I took a risk and bought two more from them.  The next two videos turned out worst than the first.  All having the same issue with the placement of the camera, and acting from the models.  Watching these videos I felt like they rushed to make them.
    Making a scripted fight isn’t easy, and I understand that.  I feel like these fist fights being made by Jordana’s Dueling Dames had a lot of potential.  I really hope they continue to film fist fights, but for now I will no longer purchase any future videos until I feel the quality has improved.
    I’m only a fan, and have never produced a video myself.  These are just my observations as a fan.  Please don’t let my thoughts keep you from buying from them.  Sales only help improve the product.