JM Rolen
    Kymberly and Krissy are maids working at a nudist colony.  While cleaning the room one of them notices a large tip on the night stand.  She tries to be sneaky, but is caught trying to hide the tip. The maids wrestle to the ground neither of them willing to let go of the money.  They know their can only be one way to settle who gets the tip.  They clear up space, and raise their fists.  We have ourselves an old fashion bare knuckle prize fight.
    One aspect JM Rolen has always been good at is fantasy.  Seeing two maids slug it out is something you won’t see anywhere else.  This was a truly unique fight scenario.  I enjoyed the idea, and the fight it self was well done.
    Both models did a fantastic job with this fight.  Most of the fight was pure bare knuckle fighting. The hits looked good, and both did a great job acting.  We get a few moments of the girls going to the ground catfighting.  I think keeping it pure fist fighting would have been a better choice, but that’s just my opinion.
    The fight was back and forth until the bloody end, and I do mean bloody.  JM Rolen fights are known to be very violent, and this fight doesn’t skimp on the blood at all.  I enjoy blood being added to fake fights, but some times too much is used.  Thankfully this fight had just the right amount for my taste.
    If you enjoy fantasy style fist fights than their is no better choice than picking up a copy of this fight.  Also make sure to check out all the other videos they offer.