UK Dream Wrestlers
Axa Jay aka Storm vs Princess Juicy
    I won’t do my normal review where I give a brief discerption of the match.  My words won’t do this match any justice.

    The women of UK Dreams are by far some of the hottest female wrestlers in the industry today, and not just because of their looks.  They are all extremely good in the ring.  This was a match that really allowed both women to showcase their skills.

    Fans of submission wrestling this is a dream match for you.  Both women deliver some pretty impressive looking holds.  The match starts pretty even, but you start to see early who the stronger woman is.  Once she takes over her opponent is placed in so many different holds, and the woman in control is loving ever second seeing her opponent in pain.
   The women of UK Dreams are known for fighting dirty, and both women take advantage of this.  Neither one is shy when it comes to using any tactic they can to win this match.  They even use the attire of their opponent to their advantage, and we get some pretty painfully looking wedges.

    This is by far my favorite video from UK Dreams yet.  Every video I have see from them gets better and better.  I highly recommend this video to any fan of fantasy wrestling.  This is a match that won’t disappoint.