Cali Logan’s Fight Club
    Misty and Maci have agreed to meet up in a local warehouse to settle a feud.  They know the only way to settle this is an all out fist fight.  Both are very confident in their ability, and agree to place a large amount of money on the line.   
    After a lot of trash talking the women meet in the center, and it doesn’t take long for the fists to fly.  Both fighters are hitting some heavy blows early on.  Misty is able to trap Maci on the wall, and starts to land some punches to the face and body.  Maci is stunned, but not out.  She is able to work her way off the wall with a combo to Misty’s face.  It’s early into the fight, and both women are showing blood from the heavy hits.

    Both women are blooded early in this fight, and the their clothes are taking damage as well.  Both are exposed, but this isn’t stopping either one of them.  They know this was a fight to a bloody finish.  The ladies fight tooth and nail.  This was a back and forth fight from start to finish. 


    Cali Customs always delivers a good fantasy style fist fight, and this was one of their best yet.  With any staged fist fights their are some minor issues, but filming fist fights isn’t easy.  Both models did an amazing job with this video.  You truly get a really fun bare knuckle boxing match.  What else could you ask for?

Fast pace action
Good acting from both models

A few bad camera angles.