Seductive Studios
        Ryan and Aria meet up at a local park to settle a long standing feud.  Both are part of the same MMA class, and agree that only a fight to the finish will settle this feud.  
        The girls square up, and start to circle each other.  It doesn’t take long, and the fists begin to fly.  Both girls where ready for this fight, and neither one was backing down.  Aria scored the first big blow of the match, but Ryan was quick to recover.  Ryan returned the favor with a big combo of her own.
        After a few more brutal exchanges Aria takes the fight to the ground.  She pins Ryan down and starts to lay in the heavy hits.  Ryan uses her long legs to push Aria off of her. During this exchange the first sign of blood is shown on both fighters.  The blood only increases the anger of girls, and the fight comes even more brutal.
       Both fighters are relentless on their attack.  Any time a fighter is knockdown her opponent was on the attack.  Neither girl was showing any mercy on their downed foe.  Both knew one of them was walking away from this fight.  I won’t go into any more detail about this fight. So check out the link above to purchase a copy of this fight.
       Seductive Studios is well known for creating high quality fight videos, and this a great example of their work.  Both girls did an amazing job in this fight.  The fight was never one sided.  Both girls got moments to take control, and to show of their skills. 
    The big highlight for me was Aria. She is the total package.  Her punches and kicks looked amazing, and she did a great job reacting to being hit.  All around both girls did amazing making this fight look real.
    This is a female fight video that needs to be in every fight lovers collection.  Staged fights don’t get much better than this.
Fast paced action
Good amount of blood
Most of the punches and kicks looked real
Not sure why the wore the belts