Jinx Films
Lucky O’Shea vs Jinx
Five round boxing match
    I’m going straight to the point on this review.  This is a really good boxing match. I bought this video when it first got released in 2014.  Jinx had a number of other boxing matches released around the same time, but this one sticks out the most.
    Majority of the videos I review are staged fights, but this was a real boxing match.  Lucky is a well trained boxer, and it shows in this match.  Jinx at the time was still learning the ropes.  You can tell she was learning a lot from Lucky during this match. 
    The video starts out with a quick intro of both fighters.  Each gives their take on how the match will play out.  Lucky being the skilled boxer she is seems very confident in her ability.  Jinx seems a tad bit sheepish, but that goes away once the match begins.
    As soon the bell rings for the first round the punches start to fly.  Both fighters are able to hit some nice combos to the body early on.  Jinx is the first to taste a punch the face, and is a bit shaken by this.  Thankfully she is able to shake it off, and is able to land a face shot of her own to Lucky.  
    By the end the first round both fighters are looking a bit exhausted.  Both fighters show some great endurance in this match as they are both able to keep the pace during all five rounds.  You can tell Lucky enjoys a good fight, and Jinx was more than happy to comply.
    This was by no means a one sided fight.  Lucky is a trained boxer, and it shows during this bout.  Jinx does an amazing job holding her own against the more experienced fighter.  Out of the four videos I own this was by far Jinx best match.  She went toe to toe with one of the best in the industry today.

    It’s been a few years since I watched this match.  Before I wrote my review I watched it again.  Thankfully this match still holds up today.  It really is a great boxing match to watch, and I highly recommend it to any fan of female boxing.
Skilled boxers
Fasted pace action
No mouth guards
No mat to fall onto. Just hardwood floors.
    Follow the link at the top of the page to purchase a copy, and also check out what over fun videos Jinx has to offer.