Modest Moms Wrestling
    Harper Rose has been on a roll since joining the roster at MMW.  She has become a very formable boxing, and has taken down the likes of Athena Law and Alexandria Hamilton. 
    Dolly Prescott is making her return to the ring, and is looking stop the momentum Harper has created.  Dolly has done well in the past with wrestling, and has a few boxing matches under her belt.  She is more than ready for the challenge a head of her.
    We get a nice intro for both fighters. Both have a very confident look on their face.  Once both fighters have made it to their corner they meet in the center and tap gloves.  Very quickly into the match the fists are flying, and both ladies hit some head snapping jabs early.



     The ladies are fighting a very quick pace fight, and they action is none stop.  Both are hitting combos, and refusing to let up.  The first few minutes of the fight it is very even.  Neither fighter is able to get the advantage.  Any time they start to gain the momentum their opponent is able to counter.


       We are about six minutes into a really good slugfest when on of the fighters makes the age old mistake.  She lets her guard down, and her opponent is able to capitalize on the mistake.  From this moment we get a full on beat down.  Finally one of the ladies has full advantage, and is brutally laying in the punches.  Her opponent tries to defend herself, but is too weak.  The weaken foe tries to fight back, but her punches are not doing any damage.  It’s only a mater of time before she is out for a 10 count!
       The is a great example of the amazing work MMW does with their boxing videos.  You can tell they take pride in their work.  The women seem well trained.  Both know how to throw a punch well, and are able to react properly when being “hit.”  I really can’t say more about this amazing video.

Please visit the link at the top to purchase this video, and to view a quick preview.  Also check out all their other great wrestling and boxing videos currently available for purchase.