Sexy Fight Dreams

In this video we get a story about rival dancers.  They know one of them has to go, and they only way to settle this is a fight to the finish.
    We start out with Andrea stretching, and Sabrina walks in looking her rival in the eyes.  They both know what must be done.  Their rivalry has gone on far to long.  The hatred between them is to it’s breaking point.

    Andrea gets off the floor and gets face to face with Sabrina.  Both women circle each other while keeping contact.  Both are showing they plan to be the Alpha woman.  Andrea drops the challenge and Sabrina is more than happy to comply.
    Both dancers raise up their fists, and start to circle.  They are hesitant at first to fight.  Neither are scared, but are looking for the perfect time to strike.  Sabrina sees her opening, and strikes first.  Andrea is unable to dodge, and is hit hard in the face with a series of rights.  Andrea answers back with a combo of her own that staggers Sabrina into the wall.  Sabrina is able to recover and attacks again.  This time knocking her hated rival to the ground.  
    Andrea is busted open from this exchange, and seeing the site of her own blood angers her even more.  She charges at Sabrina and throws her to the ground.  Andrea mounts her rival, and starts to choke her.  Before letting go Andrea is able to draw blood of her own.  Happy with her work she returns to her feet, and challenges her rival to do the same.  The faces of both fighters is now covered in blood, but neither fighter is showing signs of giving up.  They know their is no choice.  They will be fighting to the death.  
    This was a well executed staged fight.  We get several aspects from different styles of fighting.  We start out with fist fight.  After the fighters get bloody we start to see more of a no rules catfight with both ladies using some dirty tactics.  From violent choke holds to kicking their opponent in the face while they are down.
    First 10 minutes of the fight it is pretty even, but once the fighting is taken to the ground.  One woman starts to take over.  The weaken rival does put up a fight, but it’s not enough.  

    This is one of the more violent videos I have seen from Sexy Fight Dreams. The makeup they used looks great, and the blood looks real.  The real highlight for me is the outfits.  This is the first and only time I’ve seen a ballerina themed fist fight.  Both ladies looked down right stunning in their leotards.
    This is a video I would recommend for any fans of violent fight videos.
Action looks real
Amazing outfits
Wish the fist fight part lasted a bit longer.