UK Dream Wrestlers
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Lisa King Vs Axa Jay now known as Storm
Forgive me now.  This will be my first review of a fantasy style female wrestling match.  I tend to only watch boxing and fist fights.
I came across this company only a few days ago.  Something about this company caught my attention right away.  All of the wrestlers are smoking hot.  I visited their store, and looked at a number of their videos, and was impressed with what I was seeing just from the previews.
The first video I have picked up from this company is a match between two of the biggest rivals in the company Lisa King and Axa Jay.  As soon as the video starts we are in the ring with both ladies.  They are quickly face to face, and trash talking each other.  Letting each other know who was in charge in the ring.  After a good minute of some brutal insults we get right into the action.  We start off with the age old wrestling tradition a test of strength.  Both ladies lock hands and try to force each other to the ground.  
After about 30 seconds one of the ladies is able to get some control and puts her rival into a pretty nasty looking choke hold.  Quickly the women stuck in the hold is able to slip under her opponents legs, and flips her onto her back.  We soon get our first fall of the match.  One of the ladies is able to score a pinfall.  Now I won’t give any other details away. You will need to purchase a copy to see for yourself.
During this match we get to see a wide variaty of hold, and rarely do we see the same move twice.  Other than a few minor transition moves.  One of the aspects of this company I love is the use of dirty tactics, and this match is a great example.  Both ladies had no issues fighting dirty.  
The highlight of the match was when one woman was stuck in a camel clutch while getting her hair pulled.  You can see in the woman’s face the pain she was in, and the woman applying the hold she was really enjoying seeing her rival beg for mercy.
I am not the best person to review wrestling video, but this was a match I really enjoyed.  If I was a die hard fantasy wrestling fan this would be a match I would want in my collection.
Both wrestlers look absolute amazing in their leotards
Amazing mat based wrestling mixed with dirty wrestling
No punches where thrown.  A few moments in the corner would have helped me enjoy this even more.