Fetish Dreams by Safa
Safa Warda vs Ava Simone
    I’m always excited to purchase a new boxing match featuring Safa Warda.  I always know when she fights I’m never disappointed, and this latest video to my collection is a prime example of why she is one of the best in the business.
    We start out with a short intro of the fighters.  Safa is showing excitement for this fight.  Her opponent is the very fit Ava Simone.  Right off the bat both women look smoking hot in their boxing attire. Both are more than ready to square up.  
    They meet in the center of the room, and touch gloves.  As soon as the match starts both ladies start to land some pretty strong body blows.  Ava is able to sneak in a shot to the head.  Safa responds with a shot of her own.  Ava is loving this exchange, and you can see her encourage Safa to hit her harder.  Which Safa is more than willing to apply.  The heavy exchanges is not only wearing each fighter out, but seems to be turning them on as well.  We get moments of both women in a clutch using their gloves to grab a feel. 
    Both fighters are exhausted after nearly 10 minutes of heavy punches to the body, and some really good punches to the face.  One of the fighters makes the age old mistake and puts her guard down, and pays the price.  We get one hell of a good combo to end the fight.
    Make sure you follow the link at the top to check out a preview of this fight, and to check out all the other amazing videos available for purchase.