Cali Logan’s Fight Club
Megan Jones vs Terra Mizu
    Megan and Terra work well together, and this is a great example of their work.  

    Megan and Terra are fighting the age old fight.  They are both sleeping with the same man.  They meet up to settle their feud once and for all.
       We start out with a short amount of backtalking between the two ladies.  Both staking claims to whom is the better woman.  It doesn’t take long for them to square up, and once they do it’s an all out war.  Both lead off with quick jabs to the face.  Trying to figure out their opponent.  Both know they don’t want to burn too much energy early into this fight.
        Both show they can take a hit just as well as delivering a hit.  Neither woman is backing down, and both understand this fight wouldn’t end until one of them was knocked out.  Megan is first to start to take control she gets Terra stuck on the wall, and starts to lay in some heavy body blows.  Terra tries to counter, but Megan is too strong.  Megan takes this time to put Terra in headlock.  Terra is able to slip out, and starts to make a come back.  This catches Megan of guard.  
       With a quick combo Megan is able to put Terra down first, and is able to draw first blood.  Terra isn’t very pleased to see her own blood.  Terra is quickly back to her feet, and is able to connect with a combo of her own.  This combo draws blood from Megan’s nose.  With both women now bleeding the anger really kicks in.  I don’t want to give much more away about this fight.

        I love about this fight is that it’s in no way a one sided fight.  Both women get their moments to shine.  The full fight is back and forth, and it’s not until the last 3 minutes that one takes control, and delivers an amazing and bloody knockout.

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