Fighting Wildcats
        I had plans of only writing about fantasy style fights, but I came across a video in my collection.  This video brought back a lot of memories.  This may end up being the only review on my blog about a 100% real fight.
        Fighting Wildcats was a company I followed in the mid 2000s.  The owner was featured in a few fights with other companies.  She wanted to try something differnt and started her own fight company.
One of her early fights was a big gamble.  Marie wanted to film a real fist fight.
        A known cat fighter named Adri aka Tiger Lady was a close friend with Marie.  Adri had filmed a few private boxing matches and catfights, but had never fought bare knuckle.  Marie had fought a number of times with another company that allowed punches to the body, but not the face.
    Adri and Marie agreed to allow full contact to the body and face.  For safety they would wear mouth guards, but nothing else.  Their fists would not be protected.  They agreed to the rule that no holds where allowed.  You could only kick or punch your opponent into submission.
    The start of the fight both ladies give their opinion on how the fight will go.  Neither of them is sure who will win, but both know it will be a difficult fight.  After the quick intro the girls put in their mouth guards and square up.  It doesn’t take long for the fist to start flying, and early on both girls connect hard to their opponents face.  About two minutes into the first round Marie lands a very strong punch to Adri’s jaw.  As soon as it hits you can see both women took damage from that blow.
    The fight was broken up into three rounds, and each round ended when a girl submited.  Both girls put up one hell of a fight, but it was clear early on who was the stronger puncher of the two was.  This was no means a one sided fight.  Both girls had moments of control during the fight. One of the best moments they are fighting in the corner and both are landing some pretty heavy blows to the face.  I was shocked nobody was bleeding after this exchange.
    After the final round we have a clear winner, and both girls are beyond exhausted.  Both are starting to show signs of damage.  Adri has a clear shiner under her left eye, and Marie’s right upper lip is swollen.  Both seemed satisfied with the outcome. 
    When I bought the original DVD of this fight back in 2006 it featured a lot of before and after photos and interviews with both fighters.  They even featured photos of both girls days after the fight.  One had to get a cast due to breaking a few bones in her hand.
    I recently watched this video again, and thankfully it still holds up today.  This was a rare style back in the day, and even today it’s still rare to find real bare knuckle fist fights.  So please check out the link at the top and purchase a copy for your collection.