BAE Fight

This is my first review of a catfight video for my blog.  I tend to watch mostly boxing and fist fights.  I was given the chance to view this fight.  It is an upcoming release for BAE Fight.
First part that I loved about this video are the models.  Both have that girl next door look.  This to me makes for a better fight video.  The outfits are another huge plus.  Both look amazing in their bikinis.
Now we don’t get much of a introduction to who the girls are, and get right into the fighting.  I think a little bit of a backstory would help get the energy going, but that is just me.
The fight itself is a very well staged catfight.  I’m far from the best to review a catfight style fight, but this video really caught my attention.  Both ladies put in some amazing work, and you can see a lot of the hair pulling and normal holds you expect in a catfight.  You can tell a number of moments in the fight the hold are real, and you start to see pain in the fighters eyes.
They are fighting in a living room setting, and use this to their advantage.  Both ladies get pinned on to the couch.  During these moments I think it be a good time to add in a few slaps to the face or a quick punch.  They had a lot of room to move around, and I think a few moments of them standing up trading punches would have been amazing.  
First part of the fight it is a even fight.  Both models get their moments to shine, and take control.
When the winner finally gets full control of the fight.  She puts a very brutal beatdown on her rival.
I was truly impressed with the quality of this video.  BAE Fight is a new company to me, and is one I will be keeping my eye on.  I look forward to seeing more from this amazing company.
Smoking hot models
Amazing catfight action
Very few punches thrown
This video in this review will be released at a later date.  I have full permission from the owner to view and review this video.  Please visit their website to purchase from their current content.