Hit The Mat Wrestling
    HTM is the number one producer of female and mixed boxing.  This video is prime example of why they are the best in the business.
    We start of with a short introduction of each fighter.  During this time you get a great amount of trash talking between the two.  This helps build up the energy of the moment.  This is Jessie’s debut boxing match with HTM.  Amber has been more of a wrestler for HTM, but is no stranger to the boxing ring.
    After the short intro both fighters remove their robes, and meet in the center of the ring.  The outfits they picked really helped make this fight seem like a professional boxing match, and both looked fantastic in their outfit of choice.  It doesn’t take long for the fists to start flying, and we start to see some haymakers early in the fight.  Both ladies show early on they can take a lot of damage.  You can tell this was going to be a war.
    This was not a one sided fight.  Each fighter gets plenty of time to take control, but are unable to get the momentum needed to put her opponent down early.  Both women truly have boxing training under their belt and it shows.  You get a lot of really good combos that would make a professional fighter jealous.
    The match comes down to the final round, and it’s here that you get to make a choice.  HTM gives the customer a choice on who they want to see win.  This video is purchased in two parts.  Part one features the full fight.  Part two you get a choice between which woman comes out the winner.  No matter what the true winner are the fans.
    My words don’t do this match the justice it deserves.  This is a match that deserves to be in any female boxing fans collection.