Paris Love Kink
Paris Love vs Gia Love
Paris wasn’t happy with the outcome of their first boxing match.  Gia seems more than happy to face Paris again.

I won’t sugar coat this review.  This is a perfect example of a foxy boxing match.  You have two smoking hot women putting on one hell of a good show.  Now the boxing is pretty much what you expect from a foxy boxing match.  Majority of the punches land to the belly or upper body, but you have plenty of fans out their who enjoy this kind of action.  

Both models are well known to be legit fighters.  This match itself was something for fun, and not ment to be competative.  If you are a fan of foxy boxing style fights than this is a great video to add to your collection.
Both models look outstanding in their outfits
Good foxy boxing action

The models stayed in one small area of the boxing ring