Seductive Studios
This is by far my all time favorite fight from Seductive Studios that isn’t one of my personal customs.
Everything about this video is amazing.
Both women look fantastic in this bare knuckle fight.  The setting is like an old fashion prize fight.  You have a small crowd on hand to witness the fight.  As the ladies go to war the crowd reacts to the hits and the blood they are spilling.  The makeup artist for this video did an amazing job.  The blood and bruises looked real.  
For the first 15 minutes of the fight it’s a back and forth match.  Both women get their moments to shine.  The final 5 minutes one of the fighters finally gets the upper hand, and starts to dominate her weaken opponent. The losing fighter still puts up a decent fight, but her foe is just too strong.
With any fantasy style fight their are some issues, and yes this video has a few flaws. I enjoyed this fight too much that I pretty much forgive these flaws.
This is a fight that every fan/collector of fantasy bare knuckle fights should own.