Kobe Lee’s Fetish Paradise
In this video we start out with Kobe showing up to confront her husband’s mistress.  Angel is busy at work when Kobe shows up.  Now Kobe didn’t some to talk. She came to fight.  Angel doesn’t want to deal with Kobe right now, but Kobe won’t take no for an answer.  Kobe pulls Angel from her chair and lands a fist right across her chin.  Angel knows she has no choice now, but to fight.  Both women strip down to their lingerie and put up their fists.  Both are ready to fight, but neither one is willing to lose.
This truly is a good example of a fantasy style fight.  You get the story of two women fighting over a man. The women are fighting in lingerie, and I will be honest.  Lingerie is by far my favorite attire for any kind of fight.
Both Angel and Kobe do a great job with their punches, but Angel was a bit slow on her reaction on being hit.  Now I blame that on the fact they fought wearing high heels.  Wearing flat shoes or going bare foot would have been a better choice.  
The fight it self is very even.  Both ladies got the chance to take control, and it’s not until the last few minutes until one finally takes over.
Overall this was a very fun fight to watch.  So if you enjoy hot women fist fighting in lingerie. Than this is the perfect video for you.
Great choice on attire
Kobe never disappoints 
Lack of blood
Fighting in heels slowed the pace.