Foxy Boxing
The title fits this video properly.  This was a very fun foxy boxing match.  The attire picked for this match isn’t you typical boxing attire, but both ladies looked fantastic.
You can tell the punches to the body are real.  I wasn’t expecting this, but was nice to see.  I did have an issue with the ladies being allowed to kick.  To me the outfits they wore didn’t fit with the idea of kicking. This made the kicks seem unnecessary. 
The match it self was broken up into rounds, and this to me is always a positive addition to a match.  During the breaks the ladies would hike up their skirts a little more.  The first rounds are broken up into 2 minutes each. The final round goes until someone gives up.  Neither woman wanted to lose, and the final round gets a little intense.
This was a very fun video to watch.  Both ladies are very attractive, and looks like both have experience with boxing.  This is a video I would highly recommend for any fan of foxy boxing.
This was the only boxing match on her site, and I hope she adds more in the future.
Punches to the body are real
Both ladies know how to throw a punch
Kicking wasn’t needed