When it comes to customs fans of fantasy female fights have a large amount of companies to choose from.  With anything custom you can expect to pay a higher than normal price.  A lot of fans stick to just ordering videos from company websites or purchase through a third party company like Clips4Sales.  It’s always best to shop around, and buying videos is a good way to learn about a company.
        Little over a year ago I came across a company called Modest Moms Wrestling, and it instantly caught my eye.  In the coarse of about 3 months I purchased 10 of their boxing matches.  Compared to other MMW has a small roster, but this isn’t an issue.  Every model with company brings something different to the team.  
       Early this year the owner of MMW posted on Twitter about a custom video sale.  I had just got my taxes back, and was looking to create another custom video.  I knew this was the perfect time to finally create my first MMW custom.
        Booking the custom was extremely easy.  The owner of the company is very active on social media, and will answer quickly.  She does an amazing job making sure they create to the video as close as possible to your script.  
        For my first custom I was looking to create a bare knuckle boxing match between two of their newer models.  The day of the video shoot I get a message from the owner that one of the models couldn’t make it, and offered me a few options.  I took an option to use a replacement model.  Later that night the owner knew I was excited to see my video and gave me a short clip of my custom.
        When I finally got my finished video.  I was completely blown away at the quality of the video.  Both models did an amazing job in creating this fight, and the team behind the camera really helped make this fight look as real as possible. 
        I’ve had a total of three custom created by MMW, and all have been simply amazing.  This company takes a lot of pride in their work, and it shows.  I’ve never seen a custom company charge a small fee for such high quality of a product.
        So if you are in the market for a custom video do yourself a favor and look into using Modest Moms Wrestling.  You won’t be disappointed.