Company JM Rolen
Models: Christina Carter and London River
I’ve been a collector or JM Rolen videos since the mid 2000s.  One of my favorite models has always been Christina Carter.  I’m always a bit worried when she films with models I’m not familiar with.  Thankfully both models did a fantastic job. 
Most JM Rolen boxing matches start out the same.  You both models warming up, and this is always nice to see.  Christina has the serious look on her face, and London being new has a very cocky rookie smile.  Very early on Christina knocks that smile right off London’s face.
The match itself is an even match from start to finish.  Both ladies get the chance to shine, and take control of the fight. Very little down time in this fight which is a plus for most, but I like boxing matches to be broken up into rounds. Helps it seem more realistic. 
Over all this is a fantastic match, and belongs in any fans collection.
Great action
Both models work well together
Good amount of blood and sweet
London is a bit new, and needs to work on her reaction to being hit
Fight not broken up into rounds.