Seductive Studios
Seductive Studios does an amazing job creating fantasy fight videos, and to me they are one of the best in the business today.  I had no doubt in my mind when I purchased this video it would be good.  Both models involved are two of the best in the company.
The video starts out with both girls trash talking.  Aria shows up late for some kind of interview, and walks in on Laney trash talking her.  First three minutes is both girls trash talking to either other.  Before they start to fight they come nose to nose and continue to trash talk.
It doesn’t take long for the fists to start flying.  Both models know what they are doing.  The punches looked great, and both models had great reaction to the hits.  Something you don’t see very often in fantasy fights are the fighters dodging punches, and this video you get to see moments of both girls playing defense. 
Majority of the fight is very even, but the last five minutes it becomes a one sided beat down.  The losing girl tries to put up a fight, but it’s not enough.
They only negative comment I will mention is the lack of blood.  I know it can add to the cost of production but even just a small nose bleed helps make a staged fight look more realistic. 
This is a great all around fantasy fight that any fan should own.
Great action
Both girls know how to throw and take a punch
Lack of blood