Modest Moms Wrestling
This is a boxing match between Athena Law and Harper Rose.  It is the second boxing match between the two, and trust me it won’t be the last.
The video starts out with both models getting a short entrance to the ring.  As soon as the bell rings they go straight into fighting.
Harper is coming off a lose to Athena and she isn’t willing to lose this time.  Athena being the wise veteran isn’t going to go down easy.  This is a pure back and forth fight, and it’s not until late in the final round until one girl takes full control.  
One aspect of this match I loved.  It was broken up into rounds.  This helps make the fight seem more realistic, and helps the models get a well needed break.  Plus both models trash talk during the rounds, and helps build up the energy of the fight.
Both models get their chance to shine during this match.  Harper is new to the business, but comes off as an absolute natural in the ring.  And if you have followed MMW you already know Athena never disappoints. 
To any fan of fantasy female boxing this is a fight you need to add to your collection.
Great chemistry between both models
Amazing action from start to finish
Lack of blood and sweet