Their are a number of scammers in the world of custom videos.  I came across one last September.  She contacted me on another social media site offering to create me a custom real fist fight for a low price.
The “producer” told me up front she was from Columbia, and was looking to help raise money for one of her models.
I knew it too good to be true, but I went ahead and played along.  I told the person the truth that I didn’t trust an unknown producer to create a video, but they insisted.  She got to the point that she would film my video and show me proof of the video before I paid for it.
We agreed on a price of $40, and it would be for a custom real fist fight video.
Two weeks went by and I totally forgot out the lady until she contacted me back telling me my video has been filmed.  She gave me photos to prove the fight happened.  So I kept my word and was given her PayPal info to make my payment.  I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get my video, but after a few hours she did send me a link.
The fight itself was very weak, but one of the girls in the video was very nice to look at.  The other was a bit aged, but still looked decent.  A few decent punches did land, but most where weak shots to the arm.  The producer made a promise to allow the girls to hit the face, but all they did where a few weak slaps.
Below is a link to see the video they created me, and please don’t make the same mistake.