Fantasy Fight Review!!!
Company: Sexy Fight Dreams
Video: SFD254 Andrea vs Luna – Violent Fist Fight
This video starts off with both girls warming up.  Both are dressed in very sexy looking lingerie.  After about 3 minutes of them warming up they meet in the center.  
The fight itself is really amazing.  Both girls took control during this fight.  It was for the most part a very even fight.  The last five minutes one girl takes full control, and we get a full on beat down.
They only issue with this fight was no blood.  I know these videos are customs, and the price to add blood makes the price of your video go up.  So I won’t hold that against most videos, but even just a small amount for a nose bleed helps make a fight seem more realistic.  
Great looking fighters
Not a one sided fight
Great acting from both fighters
No blood
Sexy Fight Dreams is the fantasy company to Italian Female Wrestling.  All the women are trained fighters.  This really helps in making their fantasy fights look real.