Female Fight Review!!!!

For my first review on my blog I won’t review a video, but a whole custom video company.

When you hear the word “custom” the first thing that comes into mind is the price. It tends to be common anything that is custom made tends to be very expensive. That is true when it comes to the world of custom fight videos.

Ordering a custom video does get very expensive due to the cost to hire the models and any fees a custom studio charges to make a profit. The cost alone is what scares most people away from ordering a video.

Late last year I had the desire to finally order my first custom fight video. I shopped around and got prices from about five different companies. Most of the companies I contacted had nearly the same price. It would cost me between $400 to $600 for a 10 to 15 minute video.

One company really stood out when I was getting price quotes, and that company was Seductive Studios. I’ve known of the company for a few years, and I bought videos from their store in the past.

I enquired to have a 15 minute custom fist fight produced. The customer service rep Sarah contacted me with in two hours of sending out my E-mail. She told me the price for a 15 minute custom fight video with two models would cost me $325. I was shocked at how low the price was compared to other companies. The price does go up a little bit if you ask the models to perform nude or topless.

Seductive Studios doesn’t hire professional models. All their models are local, and when you order a custom all you are paying is a fee for the models. The company makes profit from selling your custom video at a later time.

Once you place and pay for order it takes up to 7 days to get your video. They set their filming schedule every Sunday. So the sooner you order the faster you get your video. One of my videos was filmed two days after payment. When filming is done it takes a day or two to get you finished video.

When I received my first custom I got a E-mail from the owner informing me that he would like to redo my custom video. He felt the models were not well trained for the video, and promised me he will make sure both girls got the propter training. I was very happy with my video, and didn’t see a need for the redo, but the owner still wanted to redo it. A week after I got my first video I received the redo. The redo was simply amazing.  One of the veteran models worked with both girls, and it showed.

So if you are looking to order a custom fight video I would highly recommend Seductive Studios. Customer service is the best in the industry. Hell it’s better than most companies. Plus all their models are smoking hot, and will do their best to create your fantasy.